Really excited about the feedback with AOP! I am happy that people are liking what has been written and I am open to posting people’s opinion. But seriously, read between the blogs.

When you read something along the lines that I was laid off, here are some examples of comments that you can make:

Good comments that could be posted are:

1. Aw, that sucks!

2. I am sorry. I hope you find something soon.

3. They were stupid to let you go.

Bad comments that could be posted are:

1. Well, who told you to teach anyway?

2. Serves you right. You don’t even like kids.

3. So you got laid off, who cares? You are not the first.


Hi Jennifer,
Just wanted to let you know that the shop is having a huge store wide sale this Thursday, Friday and Saturday so get on down here and do some shopping. I also wanted to see if you were still interested in booking a fun girls night in with XXXXXXXXX (name withheld – no need for free publicity). My parties are so fun and you get a great free shopping spree. So check out my web site and call me to book a party. I have only a few dates left in September and would really love to fill them. Thank you and talk to you soon.

I kindly (of course) denied (ignored) the offer. As for her wanting me to host a party so my friends could shop – the only way that is going to happen is if she would allow my friends to use 2 coupons on a buy-one-get-one-free item!

If this was high school, the mean girl in me would call and book one of her “few remaining dates in September that she would love to fill” (translation: no one has called and she’s getting panicky) and not show up. When she calls to ask why I skipped her fabulous spending, er, uh, “free” shopping bonanza (because we all know nothing in life is ever really free!) the reply would be, “BECAUSE I LOST MY JOB AND I AM BROKE, in case you didn’t fully comprehend the undertone in my blog – you know the blog – were you attempted to post your free ad?”

Maybe someone should have explained it to her. It is not rocket science, just poverty!