So, today I get a visit from my lawn care guy. He comes every month to maintain our lawn needs. Things that I cannot take care of myself such as permanently killing weeds and anything else that could destroy my lawn. By the way, I am using a new company because this company is $4 cheaper and supposedly better equipped. All I heard was $4 cheaper and in this economy I now value everything in how much it would cost me in gas. So $4 is almost 2 gallons that I can buy in gas. Yes, I am going with him!

Anyway, nice guy and he tells me that I have some type of killer lawn bugs. I told him that the previous maintenance guy told me the same thing. He told me that the lawn next door has a lot of them and they keep coming over to destroy my lawn. He also said that I should tell my neighbors that they need to fix their lawn and that would help resolve my problem.

No problem, right? Wrong! I told him if he would mind talking to my neighbors and letting them know of this situation. He said I could just state the problem and there is no need to involve him. I said I rather they hear it from a professional and it should take no more than five minutes. He was hesitant but he agreed.

I put on my sandals and we go next door where I introduce him to my very quiet and respectable neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Short Sale. Then we go to the house next door to the Short Sales and I introduce him to Mr. Pre Foreclosure. We then go across the street to meet The Foreclosures. Next door to them lives Mr. Sale By Owner, who by the way is always away on business. We then go over to my quiet as a mice neighbors, who I find in awe how quiet that family is (even though they have 3 young children), The Abandon Home.

I do value my lawn guy’s service so I told him that I would take a couple of flyers and hand them out to my favorite families in the community: The Bank Owned Family and the always hopeful The Sale Pending Family!