A couple of weeks ago we (the family) went out to eat at a restaurant. We chose this particular restaurant because we had gift cards for it. These days the only way we are going to eat out would be if A) we have a gift card or gift certificate (gift certificates rarely work on take-out orders) or B) my parents are buying. We got our gift cards by donating blood. Donating blood is one of the greatest gifts that one can give that does not cost a thing. Knowing that your one pint of blood could save three lives is so rewarding (and the gift cards are a nice bonus surprise).

Anyway, after eating our meals we were ready for dessert. Our server was gathering our plates when I noticed that offspring A still had some food ( 2 spoonfuls of macaroni and cheese and a couple of french fries) on the plate. This is the conversation that followed:

Me: Could you please bring me a box?

Server: Sure, what for?

Me: For offspring’s A leftovers.

Server: Are you serious?

Me: Yes.

Server: (little more than a slight sarcastic tone) Would you also like ketchup for the 2 fries?

Me: (my most pleasant tone and the nicest smile plastered on my face) Yes. By the way, you just cut your tip in half and we won’t be needing dessert.

Had this been 5 years ago, I would have thrown the leftovers away and not cared. But times are rough – want not, waste not!

Dephicit says:

The other time when you have to get a doggy bag is when the food is simply to good to throw away. I just finished a gourmet-quality lunch at a really nice restaurant. (It was a birthday celebration and, no, I was not paying because, hello? I’m poor too.)

Not only did I have them bag up my leftover pasta, fish, vegetables and potatoes, but I also asked (in that polite way that says, “No, is not an acceptable answer here,”) if they had a little teeny container for the remains of the delicous olive tapenade they served with the bread. I’m sorry but that stuff so good it would have been criminal to leave it behind. And you know I then had to get the bread from the bread basket wrapped as well because I needed something to spread my tapenade on at home! (It’s not like they can serve it again, right?)

As far as your rude server, he should have been MUCH more kind. In this economy you could end up working right along side him (probably pay rise) and then he would have to deal with your wrath on a daily basis!