Today I finally get a voice mail about a position that I applied for. Better yet, the message happens to come from one of the higher-ups in the department. I originally sent this person an e-mail inquiring about a job he posted that I applied for. My question in the e-mail was if he already started interviewing for the position. He responded back by giving me a call.

YEAH! He is going to talk to me personally about the job and tell me that I am the best candidate. He is going to tell me the reason it took him so long to call me was that he had to follow protocol and actually interview people. But in the back of his mind, he was thinking, “This is the job for Jennifer Poure. Only she can do this. I won’t stand for it and absolutely refuse to have anyone else.” I always I get ahead of myself but I can’t help but think positively. After all, have you seen me? My head is so big at this moment (and always – that’s why my mom had a C section). I know that I have this job.

I call him and tell him “I got your email, what’s up?” All that excitement, all that joy and confidence, only to be told, and these are his exact words, “Yeah, uhm, I am not going to give you the job.” No sugarcoating, no easing into it, just KILL!

Anyway, he called to tell me that he thinks that I will be perfect for this other position that was listed in the vacancies. He told me to send my resume and he will put a good word for me. He then told me that it would be better if I could possibly meet my future boss and personally hand deliver my resume to her.

Well, needless to say, everything has a price and therefore I am selling my financial soul to the devil for the nice sum of $38,120. Why? I have this monkey on my back called mortgage.

Wish me luck!

P.S. correction: that would be $35,120 gross pay annually. And don’t forget to subtract the contribution that I have to make my uncle, Sam. YOU CAN STOP LAUGHING NOW! MY SALARY IS NOT THAT FUNNY!

P.P.S. Did I get the job? Well, let’s just say that I am still writing a blog called ADULT ONSET POVERTY!

I think we will be safe in keeping the name of this blog intact even after you re-enter the world of the employed. $35,120 (pre-tax) does not an “Adult Onset Riches” blog make.