Ms. Poure:
Now that I am home I am going to use my time for good. I am going to finally accomplish those home projects that I wanted to start by actually starting them. Best of all, I am going to be a domestic goddess. I told DH all of this. I told him I am going to truly commit to being domestic engineer extraordinaire. And I have plans (big ones). I am going to start off by doing a deep house cleaning. I mean every room, cabinet, drawer, closet, nook and cranny. I am going to organize the pantry. I am going to clean out the garage and organize it to DH’s liking. I am going to clean out my desk and junk drawer. I figure that since I am home there is no need to have a junk drawer because they will be no junk. I am going to scrub the floors of the house so clean we will be able to eat off them.

And the most exciting part? I am going to have gourmet meals waiting for DH when he gets home. I want him to walk into a palace and be greeted by the wonderful smells of the meals so lovingly prepared by his truly. Of course, all of the above is not going to be accomplished in one day but when it finally does, that is what DH will come home to every day.

I wanted everything to be perfect for my first day as Jennifer Poure the Homemaker by starting off with a gourmet meal. I asked DH to call me fifteen minutes (as a warning for myself) before he got home just to make sure everything would be perfect for his arrival. I planned and thought of the ideal meal and told him what the plans were going to be for dinner.

Thank God for that fifteen-minute call ahead that I requested from him. He asked me if dinner was going according to schedule. I told him of course. I also told him to please stop by the Chinese Restaurant to pick up our take-out order. We will try to attempt the plan tomorrow.

P.S Thanks to my friend Lynn for suggesting

Ms Dephicit:
Were you planning to eat off the floor since you can no longer afford the water to wash your plates?