Ms. Dephicit reports…From the web:

Indiana Teachers Receive Creativity Fellowships Report

“Lilly Endowment, Inc. is once again making it possible for Indiana teachers to take time off and explore the world. The organization has awarded Teacher Creativity Fellowships to 129 Indiana teachers, with nine of those teachers receiving $25,000 each. The other recipients will receive $8,000 each. The organization says some of the teachers have chosen to study Indian culture in India, work on a reservation in South Dakota or volunteer in Belfast.”

Ironically this is the same company that once laid me (and 999 others) off 6 months after I had been hired because they couldn’t afford to pay us any more. This event triggered a series of events which, ultimately led to my becoming a teacher. Where, of course, I make the same $25k a year that they are giving away to some of my fellow educators! The only difference is that they are being paid to explore the world and I am being paid to explore standardized testing, tater tots for lunch and being at work before the sun rises!

To add salt to the wound, to kick you when you are down, to throw another monkey in your wrench – don’t forget that when teachers from this country teach abroad, they usually don’t pay taxes. So the real difference is that you may get paid $25k gross but they probably get paid a minimum of $25k net! HEE HEE HEE!