by: Deborah Dephicit

My niece has the right attitude and she’s six years old. The other day my sister and I, upon hearing that the Megamillions jackpot had topped $100 million, rushed immediately to 7-11 to buy tickets.
My sister and I each bought separate tickets and we thought it would be fun for the kids to help us pick out the numbers. (Do I hear a Parent of the Year award headed our way?) My sister said something about, “If we win…..” I told them all, “No, that is not the winning attitude. You’ve got to say when we win. Think like a winner.”

I told my niece and nephew, “When I win I will give each of you a million dollars.” My niece took my advice to a whole different level. She said, “No, Aunt Debbie, when we win we will give you a million dollars.” All righty then!

My nephew (aged five), however, comes from different stock. We like to call it, “his father’s side of the family.” When I told him I would give him a million dollars when I won he said, “Well actually Aunt Debbie, can you just give me a little bit of money? I don’t think my wallet has that much room.”

My sister said, “We’ll find the room!”

Jennifer Poure responds:

You know how I feel about the lotto. Every weekend I played it and every Monday I had not made the trip to the state capital to collect my winnings! Therefore, I no longer play the lotto. I have realized that I do not need the luck of the lotto to make my millions, I HAVE SKILLS!