So I am reading and they have a teaser about the new season of Dancing With The Stars (I’ll admit it, that show is my guilty pleasure along with a few others that I am slightly embarrassed to mention). Anyway, the article is talking about who will be the new potential has-been stars that are competing for the new season. They don’t know yet but People has created their fantasy list. On this list, they have listed Tiger Woods’ number one mistress, whatever her name is. COME ON, WHAT THE CLUCK? Did you know that she has also landed a job as an entertainment reporter for the T.V. show Extra? And then I find out that Elliott Spitzer’s “lady friend” was offered and accepted a job as a columnist for a New York newspaper! (Can you imagine her column, How to Screw without Getting Screwed?)

I know people who are unemployed and have been working really hard to find and to keep a job. People who went to college and/or have trained in a field and have gotten nowhere but these women fool around with someone’s husband and become infamous, paid, and EMPLOYED (in some cases legitimately!).

This is so not fair and it is a slap to the face to all those people who worked very hard in journalism school to get a byline and these two land a job with a salary of six figures because they went fishing with a married man’s pole?
This is BULL!


If the best and most worthy person always got the job Al Gore would have gotten to be President after he won the 2000 election.