Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Recession and all, consumerism is at its best. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  No gift giving, no pressure, no fashion show.  It is just food, family, friends, and for some, football.  Over the recent years the commercialism of Christmas sales overshadow the holiday of Thanksgiving.  Every year Black Friday starts earlier and earlier.  This year, for many retail stores, it started Thanksgiving night.  I would not be surprised if next year Black Friday starts the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (in a couple of years it may start on Halloween).

When is too much too much?  Some say it is worth getting up early or staying up late to stand in line to get 75% off on the latest electronic to gift to your child.  No sale is worth me lacking sleep to deal with the masses to save money.  I barely could get up on time when I had a job and that’s that I made my own hours.  No amount of pleas from a child crying “this is all I really, really want” will change my mind.  As much I would love to give the tax dependents everything that they ask for, limits have to be placed.  When it starts with  I really want will turn to  I must have  and possibly end with I expect to receive.  When do you end it?

Although I joke about adult onset poverty and how  I really, really want to be compensated for my work as a writer I know my situation is a lot brighter than others.  There are thousands of families out there who have lost their jobs and their homes and now live in highway motels. I am grateful and thankful for what I have because again this year hundreds of children will be asking their parents to get them the latest.  The latest being that they really want a home to live in and not a motel.  That they must have food and hope that the school is not serving mystery meat.  That they expect to receive news that mom and/or dad landed a job so they can finally go back to normal. And like all parents, they will go to the moon and back to give it to them.
  • P.S.  I love Mondays!  And on this Monday I leave you a quote and I wish the happiest birthday to my biggest inspiration, Ms. Jennifer Peets!
If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.