by: Jennifer Poure

During my tenure of unemployment, there were some months when I had to make a very dreaded phone call. The shame would completely engulf me. I would get anxiety and my hands would shake as I dialed the number. I could already feel the covert judgment and could hear disappointment in their voice. It would always be the same excuse from my part (I’ve been looking for work. I need your help. I really appreciate your help. I’m sorry but believe me I have been applying everywhere.)

I pick up the phone, frog in my throat, hands shaking, sweat beads forming. I dial the number hoping that they don’t pick up. I take a deep breath. It rings and rings and finally an answer.

“T-Mobile Financial Services. This is John. How can I help you?”

(Whimper and a whisper) “Yes, uhm, hi John. I would like to make a payment arrangement.”  Guilt wraps itself around me as the same question is always asked.

“Is there a reason why your payment is late?

I answer with my same responses.  “I am unemployed. I am looking for work. Can you just read last month’s history?”

A review of my account shows that I have been a loyal customer to them since the 1900s (Thank God, I am monogamous). My extension is granted and my service will not be cut off.

I am ready to thank him and hang up when he has the audacity and frigging cojones to ask me the rudest question ever.

“Before I let you go I would like to let you know that you can add unlimited web service for $15. Shall I go ahead and add that?”

Breathe Jennifer! Remember this conversation is being recorded. You had to confirm your address before they discussed your account. They know where you live.

Needless to say, we don’t have to go into specifics in what I told that chicken-pucker.


Deborah Dephicit responds:

It is always better to be on the giving rather than the receiving end of a dreaded phone call.  Good for you for being proactive and dealing with your problem before it became a bigger problem (a disconnect and a $45 reconnection fee).  P.S.  Say hi to John for me!