by: Jennifer Poure

Monday, Monday. I ♥ Mondays! And on this Monday, I would like to point out that it is Columbus Day.

Christopher Columbus, a man who set out to discover new ventures and opportunities. And then we have me, a person who continuously tries to discover how to make a dollar out of fifteen cents. Today I discovered some new things and was amazed at what I learned.

Let me compare the different outcomes in our discoveries.


  • Set out to discover a new route to Asia but instead “discovered” America.
  • Learned that Indians occupied the land but still claimed that he was there first.
  • When he returned back to Europe, he was rewarded with riches and royalty.
  • Took a different route driving the offspring to school and discovered that at the first intersection, the two crossing guards drive a BMW and a Mercedes.
  • Learned at the next intersection that the other crossing guard drives an Audi.
  • Returned to a second stint of unemployment claims and was rewarded with having one week’s pay held because this is the first claim in 2011.

Columbus was credited for discovering America, was given a holiday, and in many cities and towns – a parade in his honor. I have been given a second opportunity to claim unemployment, learned that I did not receive my vacation pay in my last paycheck, and now have the honor of receiving one more paycheck and the privilege of paying more taxes on it.

One more thing that I discovered is that I must put in an application for school crossing guard.