by: Jennifer Poure

Get my hair done.

Sometimes I envy when men go to the barber shop.  A process that is time and cost effective involving only 30 minutes and $20 for  service and tip.

As for me, a trip to the hair salon involves days of planning, weeks of waiting, and months of savings.

I don’t bring my offspring.  To make sure this happens, I check schedules – make sure the DH is off, my parents could be available, my sibling is a possible backup, ask friends that owe me a favor, and see if the girl down the street is still a drug-free, sex-free, church going, God-fearing teenager who loves to babysit.  Once I can confirm with one of the aforementioned, I schedule an appointment, reconfirm with a caretaker and Step 1 is complete. I fuel up the car and $42.53 later I am on my way.

A woman’s hair salon is so different from a man’s barber shop.  At the hair salon, different people do different jobs which means more individual tipping.

When I am done and the stylist turns me around, I look flipping fantastic!   She tells me the products that were used so I can try them at home (although no matter how hard I try, it never comes out the same way).  She makes me a care package and will meet me up front with my bill.  My bill that does not include the following: tipping the shampoo girl, the assistant, the stylist, paying the sitter (because no one was available for free), and the fuel to get there (see $42.53 above).

A trip to the salon is a special event for me in which I save and savor every moment.  With the days, weeks, and months of planning, waiting, and saving, I refer to this event as my Summer Olympics for it only takes place once every four years.

Deborah Dephicit responds:

Sometimes I envy the Amish and not just because they make a mean chicken pot pie. A bowl cut and a little lace bonnet on the head may look a little odd but it beats showing roots!