by: Deborah Dephicit

I picked up a can of that compressed air spray to clean my wireless computer keyboard.  What the heck, it was $1.99, a bargain.

Got it home, couldn’t wait to spray out months worth of dust and cookie crumbs.  Being a professional writer (ahem, yes I am calling myself that now!) I am particular about the tools of my trade.  I always use a wireless mouse and keyboard.  I find the wired models too damned annoying too confining for my creative soul.   Not cheap, but I don’t mind buying nice stuff for my work.  If I were a professional skateboarder I wouldn’t buy my skateboard at Toys R Us.

Also being a professional procrastinator/snacker, I have been known to eat a cookie or five while I work.  I generally go through a wireless keyboard every six to nine months.  Maybe this is why.

After the spray treatment, some dust and crumbs were released.  Sadly, still more now remain permanently lodged underneath my shift key, my space bar my “W” key, etc.,  causing them to just plain not work at all.  Spraying more air only sends the gunk farther in, like a gung ho commando team.  Irreparable damage and endless frustration  for me as work does not get done.  Only one solution —

That $1.99 bottle of air just cost me $59.99 for a new keyboard!