Welcome to the World of Dephicit and Poure

So these days some of us are not doing so well. Remember when you were 16 and $10 seemed like a lot of money? Now it costs that much just to see a movie, but sadly, in this economy $10 can seem like a minor fortune. Everything has gone up and down except our salaries. They have remained steadily just north of the poverty line (sometimes). On the bright side, massive layoffs mean more time to write, and read, fabulous blogs like this one. For us, it’s a chance to gain notoriety, satisfaction and, the ultimate prize, financial freedom (which these days means a venti mocha latte instead of a small decaf from McDonalds.) We’re not sure how exactly this blog will lead us to financial freedom, but we figure the more people who read it, the better chance of something happening. So pass on the good word! Thanks and enjoy.

P.S. We take food stamps.


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  1. Shoegal82

    August 30, 2009 at 2:27 am

    If you keep this writing up it will get you somewhere. I’ll spread the word.

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