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by: Deborah Dephicit

I have been struggling to complete many chapters in my computer book which are due for homework.  The information is necessary and all good but hardly gripping like those cr*p Twilight books no one could put down.  Let’s face it, no one is clamoring to make a movie out of “Dreamweaver CS5 for Dummies.”  It’s been hard for me to focus on it for more than five minutes at a time without taking a sanity break.  As a result my laundry is all done, even the bed linens.  The dishes are washed and put away.  But the homework guilt weighs heavy.  (Heavier than that Red Robin Oktoberfest burger I, unfortunately, had for lunch).

In an effort to find inspiration, I Googled (still procrastinating, I know…) the search “Inspirational Speeches.”  There I came across one (written for the Toastmasters) from which I was able to extract the following quote:

“I know that I have an abundance of potential within me
and I will bring it out to fruition.”

I copied that sentence and pasted it into a Word document in a large script font.  Being a true geek, I stuck it up on my second monitor.  Now every time my mind begins to wander (still happens in five minute increments – the book is as dry as ever) instead of roaming the house or the internet in search of things more interesting, I force myself to read that quote. Aloud.  That exercise gives me enough of a motivation shot to get through the next five.

I honestly wish my parents had had that saying carved over our doorway so I could have seen it every day before I left for school!  All I ever got was, "Don't miss the bus!"



Two years later, hundreds of applications, 3 call backs, 1 phone interview, 1 face-to-face interview – I finally landed a job!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything about the job. I like the company, their mission statement, my bosses, everything! I have an office. A private office (no windows but it’s no cubicle either)!

DH and I are very excited. I told him about my great perks (and The Pointer Sisters are playing). He asked about the salary ( and now the iPod freezes).

“Seriously! Must you take your pay for non-profit so literally and figuratively?”

Whatever. I don’t care. I was employed.

On the 3rd year anniversary of learning that due to county budget cuts my position as a teacher will be eliminated, I received an email from my program director stating that due to federal budget cuts my program will be eliminated come September 30, 2011.

(sigh) I check my phone.

(SMILE) YES!!! I still have unemployment on speed dial.

by: Deborah Dephicit

My niece has the right attitude and she’s six years old. The other day my sister and I, upon hearing that the Megamillions jackpot had topped $100 million, rushed immediately to 7-11 to buy tickets.
My sister and I each bought separate tickets and we thought it would be fun for the kids to help us pick out the numbers. (Do I hear a Parent of the Year award headed our way?) My sister said something about, “If we win…..” I told them all, “No, that is not the winning attitude. You’ve got to say when we win. Think like a winner.”

I told my niece and nephew, “When I win I will give each of you a million dollars.” My niece took my advice to a whole different level. She said, “No, Aunt Debbie, when we win we will give you a million dollars.” All righty then!

My nephew (aged five), however, comes from different stock. We like to call it, “his father’s side of the family.” When I told him I would give him a million dollars when I won he said, “Well actually Aunt Debbie, can you just give me a little bit of money? I don’t think my wallet has that much room.”

My sister said, “We’ll find the room!”

Jennifer Poure responds:

You know how I feel about the lotto. Every weekend I played it and every Monday I had not made the trip to the state capital to collect my winnings! Therefore, I no longer play the lotto. I have realized that I do not need the luck of the lotto to make my millions, I HAVE SKILLS!

So, today I get a visit from my lawn care guy. He comes every month to maintain our lawn needs. Things that I cannot take care of myself such as permanently killing weeds and anything else that could destroy my lawn. By the way, I am using a new company because this company is $4 cheaper and supposedly better equipped. All I heard was $4 cheaper and in this economy I now value everything in how much it would cost me in gas. So $4 is almost 2 gallons that I can buy in gas. Yes, I am going with him!

Anyway, nice guy and he tells me that I have some type of killer lawn bugs. I told him that the previous maintenance guy told me the same thing. He told me that the lawn next door has a lot of them and they keep coming over to destroy my lawn. He also said that I should tell my neighbors that they need to fix their lawn and that would help resolve my problem.

No problem, right? Wrong! I told him if he would mind talking to my neighbors and letting them know of this situation. He said I could just state the problem and there is no need to involve him. I said I rather they hear it from a professional and it should take no more than five minutes. He was hesitant but he agreed.

I put on my sandals and we go next door where I introduce him to my very quiet and respectable neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Short Sale. Then we go to the house next door to the Short Sales and I introduce him to Mr. Pre Foreclosure. We then go across the street to meet The Foreclosures. Next door to them lives Mr. Sale By Owner, who by the way is always away on business. We then go over to my quiet as a mice neighbors, who I find in awe how quiet that family is (even though they have 3 young children), The Abandon Home.

I do value my lawn guy’s service so I told him that I would take a couple of flyers and hand them out to my favorite families in the community: The Bank Owned Family and the always hopeful The Sale Pending Family!